Aero-Service is renowned for its production of ultralight and LSA aircraft. Over the many years of activity we observed a growing interest in vortex generators, often called turbulators. Many times we used them on a different types of aircrafts, since the solution has really great potential. The quality and accessibility of vortex generators on the market, and above all the lack of reliable information meant that we decided to develop our own vortex generators. Before we decided to offer it to a broader audience, we thoroughly tested them on many aircrafts, including produced by our company - Panda.

On our website we've lot of information that we believe will help you better understand how vortex generators work, and what we gain by using them. On the Vortex Generators in an accessible way we explain how they work and what are the conditions for proper installation. On the Installation, we explain the technical aspects of the installation on the aircraft. We believe that anyone who is planning to install vortex-generators, should be familiar with this information.

We invite you to Shop where you can buy our vortex generators. They are available in kits so they are easy to install and also cost effective. Depending on the application, you can select a wing kit or the kit for each stabilizer. What is new, is our repair/supplemental kit, which allows to replace damaged or lost vortex generators without having to buy the big kit. The description and photos of the contents of each kit are provided in our store. Enjoy!